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Political Scientists

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Study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. May study topics, such as public opinion, political decision-making, and ideology. May analyze the structure and operation of governments, as well as various political entities. May conduct public opinion surveys, analyze election results, or analyze public documents.


  • The vast majority of bachelor's degree holders in sociology and political science find employment in niche areas with specialized titles, such as market analyst, research assistant, writer, or policy analyst.
  • Employment growth of sociologists is projected to grow much faster than average; political scientists, faster than the average.
  • Candidates who hold a master's or Ph.D. degree will have the best employment prospects and advancement opportunities; competition for teaching positions, while keen, should ease as the expected number of retirements increases.
  • Quantitative and qualitative skills are important for all workers.


Personality I'm a problem solver
Salary $103,860/yr ($51.93/hr)
Job Outlook Below Average
Education Doctor or Professional degree