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About Us

The basic concept of Jobs Made Real was conceived by Mike Marzalek, an engineer in Northern California who realized after a meeting with an educator from Santa Rosa Junior College, that many teens do not know what job or careers exist, and have little visibility to what people really do in their jobs. Mike partnered with his wife Suzy, who led the strategic direction.

The Marzaleks partnered with Chop's Teen Club who recognized that a career and jobs website would prove an invaluable addition to their portfolio of workforce programs. Over 160 teens at Chop's Teen Club were surveyed and the discovery was made that their primary source of research is YouTube. This information influenced the layout and design of the website.

Jobs Made Real is owned by Chop's Teen Club, and Mike and Suzy Marzalek continue to serve as ambassadors of the Chop's Teen Club workforce committee.


Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and O*NET lies at the foundation of Jobs Made Real. The data used on the Jobs Made Real website has been downloaded from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-2013, and Version 16 of the O*NET Database.

Data for military jobs comes from and Wages are for an E-5 after four years of service and an O-3 after six years of service.

Data for small businesses comes from the Small business Administration.

Video creators – We are very appreciative of the many groups and organizations that have created the YouTube videos which we have incorporated into Jobs Made Real. We display the video provider's channel name while the video is playing. To see other videos we are using from a specific video channel, please keyword search the channel's name. was designed by Imelda Guzman and Noah Freitas of Three Piece Design.