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Middle School Special Education Teachers

Job Information

Teach middle school subjects to educationally and physically handicapped students. Includes teachers who specialize and work with audibly and visually handicapped students and those who teach basic academic and life processes skills to the mentally impaired.


  • Special education teachers must be organized, patient, able to motivate students, understanding of their students' special needs, and accepting of differences in others.
  • All States require teachers to be licensed; traditional licensing requires the completion of a special education teacher training program and at least a bachelor's degree, although some States require a master's degree.
  • Many States offer alternative licensure programs to attract college graduates who do not have training in education.
  • Excellent job prospects are expected due to rising enrollments of special education students and reported shortages of qualified teachers.


Personality I like helping others
Salary $55,000/yr ($27.50/hr)
Job Outlook Average
Education Masters