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Food Scientists and Technologists

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Use chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences to study the principles underlying the processing and deterioration of foods; analyze food content to determine levels of vitamins, fat, sugar, and protein; discover new food sources; research ways to make processed foods safe, palatable, and healthful; and apply food science knowledge to determine best ways to process, package, preserve, store, and distribute food.


  • Faster than average growth is expected as agricultural and food scientists develop new products using biotechnology and work to limit the negative environmental impact of agriculture.
  • A bachelor's degree in agricultural science is sufficient for most jobs in product development; a master's or Ph.D. degree is generally required for research positions.
  • Opportunities are expected to be good.


Personality I'm a problem solver
Salary $58,340/yr ($29.17/hr)
Job Outlook Below Average
Education Bachelors