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Farm and Home Management Advisors

Job Information

Advise, instruct, and assist individuals and families engaged in agriculture, agricultural-related processes, or home economics activities. Demonstrate procedures and apply research findings to solve problems; and instruct and train in product development, sales, and the use of machinery and equipment to promote general welfare. Includes county agricultural agents, feed and farm management advisors, home economists, and extension service advisors.


  • Faster than average growth is expected as agricultural and food scientists develop new products using biotechnology and work to limit the negative environmental impact of agriculture.
  • A bachelor's degree in agricultural science is sufficient for most jobs in product development; a master's or Ph.D. degree is generally required for research positions.
  • Opportunities are expected to be good.


Personality I like helping others
Salary $45,430/yr ($22.72/hr)
Job Outlook Below Average
Education Masters