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Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installers

Job Information

Apply plasterboard or other wallboard to ceilings or interior walls of buildings. Apply or mount acoustical tiles or blocks, strips, or sheets of shock-absorbing materials to ceilings and walls of buildings to reduce or reflect sound. Materials may be of decorative quality. Includes lathers who fasten wooden, metal, or rockboard lath to walls, ceilings or partitions of buildings to provide support base for plaster, fire-proofing, or acoustical material.


  • Most workers learn their trade through informal training programs or through an apprenticeship.
  • Work is physically demanding.
  • Job prospects are expected to be good.
  • Workers may be idled when downturns in the economy slow construction activity.


Personality I'm hands on
Salary $36,970/yr ($18.49/hr)
Job Outlook Average
Education High School diploma